An Extra Ordinary Teacher
  • Yoga Teddy Bear 12” Limited Edition Plush

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    This cuddly Yoga Teddy Bear makes the perfect match with any Yoga Teddy Bear coloring book or storybook.  This bear is a limited edition loveable Plush featuring Yoga Teddy Bear in Standing Star Pose. A classic teddy bear that's soft enough to cuddle but strong enough to stand without support - right side up or upside down! 12" tall. All new materials, polyester fibers, surface washable.  This product meets or exceeds government safety regulations including ASTM and CPSIA for safety standards.

    Yoga Teddy Bear comes with a note that says:  Hello, I’m Yoga Teddy Bear.  You can choose a name for me. My name is ________________________

    What can your teddy bear do? 

    I’m not just an ordinary teddy bear. I'm Yoga Teddy Bear. I can stand all by myself. Just pull and pull my arms and legs, flatten the bottom of my feet, and place me carefully on the flat ground.  Just like you, with patience and practice, I can balance.   This pose is called Standing Star Pose (Utthita Tadasana.)  Can you stand with your feet and arms wide apart?  Breathe deeply in Standing Star Pose.

    Surprise!  There's more. I can even stand on my head in an Unsupported Headstand (Niralamba Sirsasana).  When it’s time to rest, I lie down in Starfish Pose (Savasana) with my arms and legs outstretched.

    Best of all, I like to cuddle.  Hug me and squeeze me.  I will smile all day long!