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  • Complete Set of Yoga Teddy Bear Coloring Books with Matching STICKERS

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    Get the full set of Yoga Teddy Bear Coloring Books.  This exciting and fun set includes 15 poses per book for a total of 90 poses!  The book colors are: Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Red.  The titles are: Yoga Teddy Bear & Friends; Yoga Teddy Bear & Friends Too; Yoga Teddy Bear Things and Stuff; Yoga Teddy Bear Moons, Stars & Earthly Delights; Yoga Teddy Bear Warriors; Yoga Teddy Bear Balance & Bend.  Meet familiar friends such as Downward Dog, Kurma the Turtle, Marjie the Cat, Ustra the Camel and Gary the Eagle.  Discover characters like Tree, Mountain, Wheel, Sandwich, Moons & Stars.  Yoga Teddy Bear inspires us to move, explore our body and try new shapes that we learn from a wonderous world.  

    Get the ENTIRE rainbow set of matching coloring books and stickers!  That's 90 different poses and 96 unique stickers.  Each book features 15 poses with Yoga Teddy Bear and friends in an amazing array of settings.  Coloring pages and poses range from simple to more complex.  Each colored sticker set corresponds to the same color book, making an easy game of finding the pose in the book that matches the sticker.  Hours and hours of coloring and sticker-ing fun with interactive learning.  

    P.S. Not just for kids. Adults strongly encouraged to play along.