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  • Yoga Teddy Bear A - B - C Coloring Book

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    Yoga Teddy Bear A - B - C coloring book is an English letter alphabet book which pairs a popular yoga pose with every letter.  These poses are embodied by a playful cast characters for whom the poses are named. Loveable personalities, such as a big-nosed airplane, a leaping crocodile or a folded sandwich, encourage kids to move and explore as they learn.  The soft and cuddly Yoga Teddy Bear demonstrates each pose.  Every page features the letter in an easy to read font in both upper and lower case.

    The coloring book version of Yoga Teddy Bear A-B-C is almost the same as the full-color, hard cover book with 2 different characters / pages.  The black and white pages invite your child to color as well as practice tracing and writing the letters.  Perfect for kids ages 3-7 years old.

    Yoga Teddy Bear A - B - C is an 8.5" x 8.5" softcover coloring book with 32 pages. The first page of the book features Yoga Teddy Bear in all 26 poses, while the last page features the 26 characters representing each pose.  The title page of the book features a “This Book Belongs to _______” box so that your child can practice writing his/her name and has a sense of ownership and pride in their learning and progress.  

    Teddy Bear A – B – C is a powerful tool to engage an active child while using movement to reinforce memory.   Each page is packed with inviting ideas.  Now children can learn the alphabet while they simultaneously learn about their bodies and the diverse world in which we live.  Yoga Teddy Bear makes yoga and exercise fun and engaging - and now learning the alphabet can be fun and creative too!  Kids will quickly learn the yoga poses and the letters through K. M. Copham’s playful characters.  The front cover features Yoga Teddy Bear in five yoga poses; on the back of the book the poses are repeated as their respective characters:  Airplane (A), Tree (T), Napping Crocodile (N), Sandwich (S) and Downward Dog (D).