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  • Yoga Teddy Bear Moons, Stars & Earthly Delights Coloring Book

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    The fourth book in the rainbow series of yoga books by Yoga Teddy Bear, Yoga Teddy Bear Moons, Stars & Earthly Delights shows our hero with a host of celestial and earthly beings and objects who make yoga accessible and easy to follow for kids and grown ups alike.  This book features easy and moderately challenging poses ranging from Sandwich Pose to Half Moon Pose. Each pose is depicted with the bear and a character in a unique and playful setting, Sanskrit translation & lettering, a difficulty key code, and a brief description.   

    The back of this book reads: Hello!  I'm Yoga Teddy Bear.   On clear nights you might find me practicing yoga under the moon and stars.  You’ll see me there with some of the most curious characters on Earth.  They even have their own yoga poses!  Join us on a journey through the Universe to discover new poses both far and near.   See if you can copy these poses and master their secrets.   Remember to breathe in deeply… and breathe out completely.  Use your imagination to color my friends and me on every page.  Scribble and sketch to bring our worlds to life.  Together, let’s explore our own world and beyond!

    Yoga Teddy Bear and Friends Moons Stars & Earthly Delights Coloring Book (Blue) Poses: Garland Pose/Squat, Stick Pose, Sandwich Pose/Seated Forward Fold, Crescent Stretch/Side Stretch, Pyramid Pose, Standing Star/Extended Mountain, Half Moon, Scale Pose, Seated Star, Table Pose, Crescent Moon Lunge, Teddy Bear Headstand/Supported Headstand, Side Splits, Boat Pose, Body Scan