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  • 6+ Yoga Teddy Bear's Big Little Coloring Book of 108 Poses

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    Enhance your studio store with this fascinating coloring book of 108 poses by Yoga Teddy Bear creator K. M. Copham.  Order now in time for the holidays!  Available by NOVEMBER 10, 2016. This long-awaited coloring book of 108 poses will ensure you are never at a loss for a yoga pose again.  You and your customers can also use this book to enhance your practice, or even to win prizes or money in Yoga Teddy Bear's ongoing coloring and yoga contest.  It's the perfect way to further engage your customers and the perfect gift they can give to share the practice of yoga and potentially increase attendance at your studio.

    An eye-catching colorful spill-proof cover graces this 8.5" square soft cover coloring book.  112-pages of tips, a difficulty key and Sanskrit names for all 108 yoga poses.  When you buy 6 copies of the book, you pay the wholesale price of only $14.99 per book (MSRP $29.95)

    Yoga Teddy Bear and friends are sure to inspire both creativity and movement in this comprehensive coloring book featuring 108 core yoga poses.  Loosely based on the pivotal "Light on Yoga" book by B. K. S. Iyengar that introduced the practice of yoga to the western world, this compilation of poses begins with Mountain Pose and follows a logical progression of poses to the final Corpse Pose.  Loveable characters based on yoga poses such as Downward Dog, Cat and Cow, Monkey, Eagle, Lizard and Turtle join less obvious characters based on interpretations of yoga names such as Plow, Tree, Dragonfly, Sun Dial, Bird of Paradise, Scale and so many more.  Other characters such as a mouse, an elephant, a koala, a dragon and an octopus join the cast of characters in interpreting warrior poses and poses dedicated to the sages.  

    Each page of this engrossing book features a lovingly hand-drawn illustration of Yoga Teddy Bear with a yoga-based character in a pose set in a corresponding environment.  Readers will gain even more appreciation of the natural world while enjoying these detailed and thoughtful compositions.  Examples include Standing Star (Utthita Tadasana) with a star character set among the constellations of the zodiac, Pyramid / Intense Side Stretch (Parsvottanasana) with a pyramid character joining six other wonders of the world.  Thread the Needle (Sucirandhrasana) features some of the main characters in a fashion-world setting, funny frogs and toads populate Frog Pose (Bhekasana) and a sandwich character set among delicious treats entice in the Seated Forward Fold pose (Paschimottasana).  

    Author / illustrator K. M. Copham modified and edited the 2-page spreads from the Yoga Teddy Bear rainbow series of coloring books created between 2012 - 2016, and added 20 new poses, settings and characters to culminate in a stunning compilation of work.