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6+ Yoga Teddy Bear and Friends Too

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The second book in the rainbow series of yoga books by Yoga Teddy Bear, Yoga Teddy Bear & Friends shows our hero with with a host of animal friends who make yoga accessible and easy to follow for kids and grown ups alike.  This book features a variety of slightly more challenging poses ranging from Half Lord of the Fishes to Crane / Crow Pose.  Each pose is depicted with the bear and a character in a unique and playful setting, Sanskrit translation & lettering, a difficulty key code, and a brief description.   

The back of this book reads: Every day I meet new friends who teach me the art of yoga poses, which are called Asanas in the Sanskrit language.  With their help, I learn new Asanas that increase my flexibility, strength and endurance - while having fun too!  Will you join us?  Try perfecting the poses you see here and practice listening to your body.  Discover the ways you can move and breathe and stretch.  Breathe deeply and slowly and never hold your breath.   Only push yourself if it feels good.

Breathe in.  Smile.  Breathe out.  Stretch.  Notice what you can do today and see what you can do tomorrow.  Use your creativity to color the pictures!

Yoga Teddy Bear and Friends Too Coloring Book (Orange) Poses Featured:  Butterfly/Bound Angle, Lion’s Breath, Sphinx, Puppy, Dolphin, Frog Legs, Lizard, Pigeon, Half Lord of the Fishes, Upward Hands, Cow Face, Crow/Crane, Locust/Grasshopper, Rabbit, Corpse Pose.