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6+ Yoga Teddy Bear Balance & Bend Coloring Book

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The final book in the rainbow series of yoga books by Yoga Teddy Bear, Balance & Bend offers fun challenges for those who already study yoga and feel they know the basics.  The book shows Yoga Teddy Bear with with a host of plants, animals and insects who break the poses down and make them easier to undertake for kids and grown ups alike.  (Surprise - some of these tough poses can be easy for kids - and fun to show off to the grown-ups!)  This book features a variety of back bends, standing balances and arm balances ranging from Frog Pose to Peacock to Downward Facing Tree (Handstand).  Each pose is depicted with the bear and a character in a unique and playful setting, Sanskrit translation & lettering, a difficulty key code, and a brief description.   

The back of this book reads: Hello!  I’m Yoga Teddy Bear.  Are you ready to challenge yourself?  Try these poses if you practice yoga and know the basics.  These the limits of your strength, flexibility and balance.  You might surprise yourself!  This book has lots of arm stands, balancing postures and back bends.  So you need strong arms, laser focus and a flexible spine.  These poses can be colored by anyone.  If you try them, look closely at the pictures and use a wall or a pillow.  Take your time.  Flex your muscles.  Breathe deeply and slowly.  Most of all... have fun!"

Yoga Teddy Bear Balance & Bend Coloring Book (red) Poses Featured:  Penguin/Reverse Prayer/Back Salute,  Upward Facing Dog, Frog Pose, Wide Angle Forward Fold, Scorpion, Downward Facing Tree / Handstand, Peacock, Firefly, Dragonfly / Hummingbird, Bird of Paradise, King Dancer Pose / Lord of the Dance, Shiva Twist / Twist of Nataraja, Wild Thing / Half Upward Bow, Heron Pose, Crocodile / Sea Monster Pose.