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  • Yoga Teddy Bear & Friends Coloring Book

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    The first book in the rainbow series of yoga books by Yoga Teddy Bear, Yoga Teddy Bear & Friends shows our hero with with a host of animal friends who make yoga accessible and easy to follow for kids and grown ups alike.  This book features a variety of basic poses ranging from Downward Facing Dog to Happy Baby.  Each pose is depicted with the bear and a character in a unique and playful setting, Sanskrit translation & lettering, a difficulty key code, and a brief description.   

    The back of this book reads: Hello!  I’m Yoga Teddy Bear.  I like to practice yoga with my friends.  There are lots of poses named after them.  Join us on a journey of adventure practicing yoga around the world.  Test your ability when you copy our poses, which are called Yoga Asanas.  Try to hold each Asana for 3 long breaths.  Never hold a pose if it hurts and always breathe deeply. Smile.  Breathe through your nose.  Feel your body move and stretch.  Remember to color the pictures!

    Yoga Teddy Bear & Friends Coloring Book (yellow) Poses Featured:  Lotus, Child’s Pose, Downward Dog, Baby Cobra, Cat, Cow, Crab, Warrior, Camel, Turtle, Eagle, Monkey, Fish, Happy Baby, Salutation Seal.